Hello New Subscriber,

I am DJARC MOBILEFORCE from WARCRADIO.COM.  I've been working on your promotional package.  

We are transitioning from our subscription plans.  If you want your music to be broadcasted live and get airplay and interviews, as of now, you have to subscribe to warcradionetwork@gmail.com.  The representative is djarcmobileforce.  He will handle putting your music live on air and one live interview.  Also, he will help you edit any pictures you send into some media promos, Facebook, Twitter and WARCRADIO blogs only.  If you have already set up your subscription to a monthly service, we are no longer using those marketing subscriptions in our plan.  You can opt out of your old subscription plan (RECOMMENDED) and start a new subscription plan for the WARCRADIO network.  Being that you're a new subscriber and you were not aware of the transition, I am personally allowing your promo package to be played on air and advertised on the WARCRADIO.COM blog.  If you send in your email, I will send you a new link to subscribe to.

I am sorry for the inconvenience, however, we are here to help our artists grow, get heard, get airplay and succeed.

We look forward to working with you in the future and watch your career and dreams grow.

Sincerely yours,
Luis Justiniano, CEO of WARCRADIO